Baby Emmett, Half a Year

Baby Emmett turns 6 months old next week. Half a year! Everyone told me the second child’s first year would go by even faster, and I’m starting to really see why. I think maybe it’s because the parents are simply a lot busier with the jump from one kid to two, or maybe it’s just because the milestones aren’t brand new like they were with the first babe, so they just sort of hop on by. (That sounds kind of awful like they don’t matter as much, but that’s not what I mean at all. They just seem to come pass more quickly, I guess.) Regardless, when I take a minute to actually sit down and think about how quickly time has gone since I was giving birth to my sweet little man, it almost takes my breath away.

A few of you have emailed asking when I’ll be sharing Emmett’s birth story – something I promised months ago. The truth is, I honestly haven’t had the time to sit down and write it out. Essley’s birth story took me an entire day, and while her birth was much more intense than Emmett’s, I know it will need to happen on a day when I can really focus (and a day when I am not tired, which feels like an elusive event these days). I absolutely will be sharing it though. I’ll make a goal of doing it this summer, but if not, I will get it up before his first birthday. Pinky swear.

I also posted a lot more updates along the way during Essley’s first year than I have with Emmett.  While I’m not above admitting that what you hear about the second child simply not being as well documented as the first 100% holds true for me, it’s also because I tend to share more family moments these days over on my Instagram and Snapchat (@bubbyandbean for both). Posting occasional updates like this here is important to me so things stay genuine and it’s not all about work and sponsored content, but let’s face it – social media has become the place to share more personal moments.

And now that I’ve explained where I am in terms of sharing my little dude, let’s talk about Emmett! My baby boy now sits up unassisted (with some topples now and then), can roll both ways (although like his sister, he much prefers to roll from back to stomach), grabs at everything (and subsequently puts everything in his mouth), laughs constantly (especially at everything Essley does; he adores her), babbles, makes the cutest mouth noises I’ve ever heard, and is really starting to become aware of life around him. He sleeps in his crib for part of the night but always ends up in bed with us (we cosleep with Essley; something that was totally not part of the plan but has worked out wonderfully). He loves the boob, man. Like, the kid would probably nurse 24/7 if I let him. And, speaking of breastmilk, we’re planning on giving him his first taste of solids on Monday. We’ll be starting him with avocado puree (here is my recipe) like we did with Essley, and if he loves it half as much as she did, I think it will be a pretty exciting moment. I honestly can’t put into words how much joy this little boy brings to me you guys. He and Essley turned on the lights in my life. There’s no other way to describe it.

Thank you for letting me share these occasional peeks into life with my babes! I always love seeing other people’s too, so if you have a recent post or photos on IG with your little ones, share the links in the comments so I can check them out,


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